What are the ideal students and teachers at Wahlert?


The standards for being a “good student” are often thought to be about doing exactly what you are told and not straying from what is expected, no questions asked. Being a “good teacher” often means they must always make class fun. But there is much more to being “good students” and “good teachers.”

“Curiousness, wanting to come to class, and having a positive attitude towards learning is one of the things that make a great student. But a positive attitude is also huge in life, not just in school,” says Mr. Joel Allen.

He continues, “They don’t have to be the smartest, but the students who are curious, thoughtful, and have a positive attitude make a difference in the classroom. Most students in my class are similar to that, but there is always room for improvement. Students need to care less about the grades, and more about learning and strengthening their understanding of things,” said Allen.

Mrs. Korrin Schriver says that, “Most students are working along the pathway of becoming a better student but they still have a ways to go.” Overall, in order to become a better student, teachers suggest that students should have the desire to learn while having a positive attitude. However, becoming a better student also takes time.

On the student’s side of things, Allie Kutsch, ‘21, says “A good teacher is someone who makes class more interactive for the students and makes sure the students have a good time. If they have an interesting way of teaching that is good, too.” Therefore, making class fun while having the students learn makes a good impression on the students.

“I would suggest to the teachers that they should make class fun, interactive, and more enjoyable,” Kutsch says.

“When teachers have good relationships with their students as well as when students are comfortable with their teachers is what makes a good teacher. Plus, when they help students out a lot and offer extra hours to strengthen student’s learning,” Leni Grap, ‘19, said. “Most teachers at Wahlert are like that but there are a few teachers that need to make class more enjoyable and more fun. I would suggest to the teachers that they should not make busy work. Plus, more review days would make a big difference in learning and making class better.”

In the end, a “good student” is someone who has a positive attitude towards learning, but is also a leader in class by asking questions when they need it and helping others if they understand the topic.

A “good teacher” is someone who makes class enjoyable while teaching the topic and interacts with their students.

Becoming both “good students” and “good teachers” does not happen overnight though. In order to be a better self, one must always be committed and determined to do their best.