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The student news site of Wahlert Catholic High School

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The student news site of Wahlert Catholic High School

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Service with a smile

Ava Graham, Reporter January 17, 2022

by Ava Graham of the Gleaner   Simultaneously balancing a job and high school is a tall task for many students. Grueling hours are put into the school day, practices, homework, and on top...

Wrestling Takes a Toll on These Girl Wrestlers

Caroline Slaght, Reporter January 14, 2022

Wrestling is one of the most difficult sports there is. Not only does it take a toll on you physically, but mentally, as well. Getting good as a wrestler in practice is 95 percent physical and 5 percent...

Audrey Tscgiggfrie (far right) is looking to be a better student and athlete this year.

New year, new goals

Ella Olberding, Reporter January 14, 2022

by Ella Olberding Of the Gleaner   A new year means new opportunities. Everyone seems to be asking, “What’s your New Year's resolution?” Many use the new year to grow themselves and...

Forming friendships — and keeping them!

Ava Hoelscher, Editor December 22, 2021

Teens rarely hesitate to call someone their BFF. But do they really mean forever? Young friendships are often fleeting. Fortunately, these Wahlert friendships have stood the test of time.  Jenna...

Money is not the only reason for working a part-time job to some students

Olivia Brimeyer, Reporter December 22, 2021

Most students just get jobs to pay for gas or spend time with friends. But for a few lucky students, a part-time job is a way to have fun, make money, and learn about future careers. Alex Link, ‘22,...

A bedeficial start to the day

A ‘bed’eficial start to the day

Jamie Vondra, Editor December 22, 2021

“If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed.” Admiral William McRaven made this simple, yet motivational statement in his commencement speech for the University of Texas at Austin...

Skiers eager to race through the snow

Ava Graham, Reporter December 22, 2021

Ski racing can capture the imagination of anyone who catches a glimpse. Racers hurl themselves downhill at highway-speeds on narrow fiberglass sticks, spraying snow and cutting around gates at full speed.  However,...

Homemade ornaments help students connect with family and friends

Alena Brimeyer, Reporter December 16, 2021

Christmas tree ornaments: some are beautiful and fancy, while others are strange, kindergartener-crafted creations. Most homemade ornaments have special memories attached to them. Grace Miller,...

Students ACT with success

Ava Hoelscher, Editor November 8, 2021

The ACT is a dreaded rite of passage for most high school students. Some colleges weigh scores heavily in acceptance and scholarship decisions, so many feel pressure to excel on the standardized test....

Greiner: Wahlert’s own Johnny Appleseed

Anna Sigwarth, Editor November 8, 2021

Without fail, Colin Greiner, ‘22, arrives at school each week with a fresh batch of apple cider doughnuts to share with classmates and friends. Those doughnuts are part of the bounty of his family’s...

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