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Students have fun in summer sun

Alena Brimeyer, Reporter September 24, 2021

When school lets out, everyone needs a break. Some people go on long vacations, some people spend time with friends, some people play video games, and others watch TV. As Hailey Reichel, ‘25,...

Holy Family bridges gap between elementary and high school

Olivia Brimeyer, Reporter September 24, 2021

This year there have been a lot of changes. Probably the biggest change this year is that Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary School has moved onto the Wahlert/Mazzuchelli campus. Because of this, a lot of...

Bouncing off the Walls

Matthew Nachtman, Reporter September 24, 2021

by Matthew Nachtman of The Gleaner   Caffeine is a  tool that many use to help stimulate our daily lives, but at what point does it become an addiction?  Many students get caffeine from...

Fingers crossed for normalcy next year

Charlie Curtiss, Reporter May 25, 2021

As the 2020-21 school year comes to a close, there are many questions surrounding the possible COVID-19 restrictions for the 2021-22 school year. Will there be a mask requirement? Will social distancing...


Mr. Joel Allen demonstrates wrestling moves on Andrew Slaght, 24, during a S.A.C. class.

Self-defense kicks into high gear

May 25, 2021

  With today's world becoming more dangerous by the minute, numerous self-defense classes have started to teach average people how to protect themselves, including the new self-defense class started...

Emma Belken, 21, helps Sarah Knabel, 14, with a cup of coffee

From the Ground Up

Laura Cushman and Ana Rivera May 25, 2021

  The first thing many students will do on their morning route to school is stop and get coffee, even if it means having to wake up a little earlier or going off their school route. But, what...

School’s out: ready for summer fun?

Lilah Takes, Reporter May 25, 2021

With less than a month until school is let out, the long-awaited summer break is almost here.  Wahlert students have much to look forward to in the summer such as boating on the river,...

OLG students comment on changes

Ana Rivera, Reporter May 25, 2021

This upcoming school year the Wahlert campus will look a little different. From teachers moving to the new kids on campus, next year will be a big change. As the year comes to an end, many students...

Juniors hold high hopes for senior year

Claire Walker, Editor May 25, 2021

Senior year: something that students marvel during childhood, but are never fully prepared for. Senior year may be the end of high school, but it is just the beginning of the rest of life. College decisions...

Small town adventures make for big fun

Small town adventures make for big fun

Laura Cushman, Reporter May 25, 2021

Summer brings many chances to go on small adventures, and day trips are an easy way to enjoy the added free time. There are many small trips and activities you can do with friends, even in a smaller town...

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