Eagle love soars to new heights


Trees blossom, flowers bloom, birds sing, the sun shines and the love story of Alex Oberfoell and Kylee Mitwede, ‘22, begins.

The two began talking at the beginning of sophomore year when their mutual friend Peyton Dixon decided to play matchmaker. Alex expresses, “We started talking completely by accident.”

Fast forward to Dec. 4, 2019. It is a busy day full of freshman-sophomore show performances. Following the afternoon performance, the two have their first date at AMC, enjoying Frozen 2. Perhaps time stopped during the date, for the two were nearly late to their night performance.

Fast forward to February 2020. The two attend their first dance together. Kylee carefully crafts a Star Wars’ intro-themed poster inviting Alex to their sophomore Winter Formal dance.

Fast forward to September 2021. Alex buys Kylee a stuffed owl, attaches a Hogwarts’ acceptance letter-themed proposal and asks her to the Homecoming Dance.

Since then, the relationship has blossomed into a loving and trusting relationship, which is clear from the outside looking in.

Because the couple has been together for nearly two and a half years, their lives have melded in many ways. Kylee went from trying to impress his mom to now being able to rant about life problems on the regular, and Alex has grown out of the days of walking on eggshells around her family.

Alex and Kylee will both be attending Iowa State University next fall, so we shall see where time takes them.

Kylee offers this advice to those seeking such a relationship:, “Know what you want in a relationship. If you find those qualities in a person in high school, then great! If not, just keep waiting. A lot of people date around and keep getting their heart broken. It’s not worth it if you know that person isn’t right for you.”