Dunkin’ into brand new trends


WHAT ARE THOSE? Jordans and dunks are arranged in a heart. Photo credit-Keaton Besler

When it comes to shoes, what’s in and what’s out? Fast fashion revolving around shoes is happening right before our eyes. Every month there seems to be a new trendy shoe that everyone wants to have, but what shoes are on the spot right now? What’s stylish and what’s a comfortable option? 

Keaton Besler, ‘25, says, “If you are buying shoes just based on style, I wouldn’t suggest getting them. I would look into comfort first. Personally, I’m not buying shoes for comfort though; it’s more 50/50 for me. For comfort I would suggest buying either Yeezys or low Nike Dunks. If you want style, I would go along the lines of Jordan 1’s or Jordan 4’s.” 

As for what color Jordans people should look at buying, Besler said “Always get a color that will go with everything, so something that’s black, white, or brown. Don’t get something that’s too fancy or that you cannot wear  with a lot of outfits.” 

Others have different opinions on comfort over style though. 

Bella Eisbach, ‘25, says, “When I go out looking for shoes to buy, the first thing I’m going to look for are shoes that appear comfortable. Of course, I want them to be stylish and that is a factor in my decision, but if I’m going to spend money on shoes I will be wearing a lot, I don’t want to be uncomfortable in them.” 

The school halls offer a lot of different shoes, but also a lot of the same style. Jerren Gille, ‘24, says “For girls, I see a lot of them wearing Converse, and for guys Jordan 1’s.” 

Brody Schumacher, ‘26, agrees, saying he also sees a lot of people wearing Nike Dunks and Blazers. The popularity of Nike Dunks and Jordans seems to be growing. What comes with these popular shoes, however, is a price that might turn away potential buyers. The Nike Dunks can range anywhere from $100-$150 or even higher depending on the type and color. Jordans are on the more expensive side ranging from $130-$250 and possibly higher. 

What shoes aren’t worth the money though? 

“I think the most overrated shoes are the Nike Blazers because people wear them to lift while also wearing them for style. I don’t think shoes should be used for both of those purposes,” said Eisbach.

Instead, she recommends Hey Dudes for their comfort and convenience when putting them on.

Gille recommends fuzzy Birkenstocks, “They are really comfortable and you can wear them with almost everything.” 

 Overall, Nike Dunks, High Top Converse, and Jordans seem to be on the spot right now. What shoe will steal the show next month?