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A day in the life of a ski racer

Claire Walker, Reporter

February 28, 2020

Ski racing is a sport that not many people do or know about. Most of the time when people hear about it they ask, “Don’t you just have to go down the hill fast?” Although that is part of it, there is so much more to the sport and people participating in it. It all starts at 6 a.m. when a ra...

Girls’ basketball players will miss seniors, bond with each other

Seniors Libby Perry, Anna Jensen, Maggie McDermott, and Morgan Herrig pose for a photo after having enjoyed their last four years.

William Herbst, Reporter

February 28, 2020

The girls’ basketball team ended its season last Saturday night in a hard-fought game against Waverly-Shell Rock. Although it  has been an up and down season, the girls say they will miss all of the team chemistry and playing the sport they love.  “It’s an awesome experience being a freshman on varsity and ...

Schockemoehl makes his mark

Makayla Schockemoehl, Reporter

February 24, 2020

Everyone dreams of accomplishing big things in their life. For most people, a dream stays a dream, a wish that really wouldn’t ever come true in this world. But for Jake Schockemoehl, ‘20, his dreams became reality this season with the help of his coaches, trainers, family, friends and teachers.  ...

Following their passions beyond Wahlert

Aiden Yaklich, '22, dives into a new swimming season, Yaklich swims short-distance for Hempstead.

William Herbst, Reporter

January 30, 2020

Out of all the sports offered at Wahlert, boys’ swimming isn’t represented as a team sport and doesn’t have an actual team to affiliate these swimmers with. But that hasn’t stopped the boys’ swimmers here at Wahlert from hitting the water!  Swimming for Hempstead and Senior, the Wahlert swimmers are cont...

Cheering on multiple sports to victory

Jamie Vondra, Reporter

December 12, 2019

The majority of school sports take place throughout one season, which is enough to keep a student athlete’s schedule busy. However, in the world of cheerleading, there are two seasons. Oddly, though, there are many more students who choose to participate in only fall cheer, not winter. In fall ...

Girls pin it to win it

Rachel Eddy, '20, and Alana Duggan, '22, wrestle it out in

William Herbst, Reporter

December 12, 2019

What started as an idea by girls and Mr. Joel Allen has turned into a real sport  at Wahlert. Girls’ wrestling is now a thing! So far it seems to be a success with the girls. Rachel Eddy, ‘20, commented on how it came to be: “Us volleyball players got to talking about doing it as a joke, but ...

Shredding into snowy successful season

Marley McSwain, '23, races her way to first.

Claire Walker, Reporter

December 12, 2019

One might think that skiing is simply a fun winter activity anyone can participate in. But there is a whole different world to skiing: alpine ski racing. This sport consists of going around gates at high speeds down a mountain. It is an individual sport, making it a very mentally, and especially physically,...

Seniors share best memory

Left to right bottom row: Lily Roth, Clare Broderick, Aliyah Carter, Julia Norton, Grace Lueken. Middle row: Libby Perry, Molly McDonald, Rian Knapp, and Maggie McDermott. Top row: Rachel Eddy and Grace Burke.

Makayla Schockemoehl, Reporter

December 2, 2019

Although the season didn’t end the way the volleyball girls were hoping for, they all agree that they created and maintained an incredible bond with one another and made memories that will last a lifetime.  The season was influential for everyone including players, coaches, the Nest, parents and the ent...

Going pro with no dough?

Picture created by Noah Burns 20'

William Herbst, Reporter

November 15, 2019

It has been a hugely disputed topic ever since the roots of college athletics back in the 1850s. When you have a billion-dollar industry like the NCAA among many other factors, the question must be asked, “Should college athletes be paid?” It has been a tradition throughout college sports for players to...

eXCeptional Running

Nathan Munshower '21 and Jacob Hocking '20, compete in the Varsity Boys 5k run at the Dubuque Soccer Complex.

William Herbst, Reporter

November 11, 2019

Some people may say that the saying “Fun Run” is very oxymoronic, but for the Boys’ Cross Country Team, it’s the complete opposite of that. While they might make it look easy, if you observed their practice routine or even tried it yourself, you would be surprised, to say the least.  Running ...

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