Overrated or underrated: You decide


Dalton Timmerman, ‘21

  • Lil Nas X is completely overrated. He had one song that got popular, and then it was completely overplayed, and I heard it everywhere. It got so annoying that I zoned out every time I heard his song.

Allie Kutsch, ‘21

  • “The Office” is not overrated because it deserves the fame it has gotten. It’s the funniest T.V. show out there with great comedy.

Owen Wallace, ‘23

  • Starbucks is overrated because it is gross.

Jack Goerdt, ‘23

  • Hydroflasks are overrated because Yeti is a better brand with higher-quality products.

Lindsay Cummer, ‘21

  • I enjoy going out with my boyfriend, Sam, a lot more than friends. I just feel lonely and out-of-place if I go with friends.

Anna Jensen, ‘20

  • Crocs are underrated because they go with everything. They are universal so you can wear them with anything. Plus, you can go water-walking in them.

Jaidyn Bartow, ‘20

  • Football games are boring and overrated.

Marco Morel, ‘22

  • I would say “The Office” is overrated. It’s not a bad show, but it just is everywhere I go. I don’t go a single day without hearing about it.

Hannah Ricke, ‘22

  • Scrunchies are both overrated and underrated. The idea of scrunchies is always associated with VSCO girls, but just because someone wears them doesn’t mean they are one. They are great with hair and deserve that part of them to be more appreciated.