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‘New hair, new me’

Ms. Bailey Petersen is really a natural blonde, but she thinks she looks better as a brunette.

Whether dyed, straightened, cut, or curled, there is no denying that a new look can transform someone into a completely new person. In fact, people change their hair to gain confidence, try something new, and keep up with trends. 

There are many options when it comes to changing hair, but how have people at Wahlert changed their hair?

In elementary, Mickey Sutsko, ‘27, would experiment with his hair using vibrant colors. 

“I have always seen people dye their hair, and I just wanted to try a bold color. So I did blue,” said Sutsko.

Meanwhile, Ms. Bailey Petersen has been dyeing her natural blonde hair brown since she was 16.

“I have always had dark eyebrows, so I felt like it would look better to be brunette, and once I did it, everyone said they liked it better. So I’ve just done it since,” said Peterson. 

Another way people change their hair is by getting a haircut. Different haircuts suit different face shapes, and with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best one. A good way to see what hairstyle fits best is by trying a new look.

“Last year I cut 7 inches off my hair. I wanted a change and I didn’t like it very much, but it made me realize long hair suits me better,” said Everlie Sell, ‘27.

In addition, straightening and curling are also common ways to mix up hair. 

“I have always wanted curly hair, and I did a filter on Snapchat to see me with curly hair and I really liked it. So I got a perm,” said Sutsko.

The experiences of people in the Wahlert community demonstrate how many different ways hair can be transformed. The reason behind people switching up their hair is always different, but it comes down to one thing: change.

“I just feel like a change is good every now and then,” said Sutsko.


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