How to be a Survivor in Rollins

T ’em up (Sandra Gaul)

Are you in the dress code? If not, you had better be when walking into Mr. Ralph Rollins’ class. Mr. Rollins teaches AP US History and Honors US History.

You had also better not have a Bubblr, coffee, or soda in his class. Rollins doesn’t want any drink other than water in his class because the drinks may tip over and stain his carpet.

Put your phone away! It’s just distracting you from the lesson Rollins is teaching. If you don’t put your phone away, Rollins will be sure to take it.

Show up on time! Otherwise, Rollins will form a “T” with his hands and mark you as tardy, or, as his students call it, “getting T’d up.” By far, the most important rule in Rollins’ classroom is to always have respect.

“I don’t care if you like me or don’t like me. As long as you respect me, and respect those around you,” says Rollins.
If you break all of these rules, well, it’s best not to because you don’t want to hear or see Rollins angry.

When it comes to preparing for APUSH next year, sophomores should do the summer assignment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because it’s not as bad as you think it is.

While this may make it seem like Rollins doesn’t care. He does, many of his students have good things to say about him. Rollins is a great teacher and he makes all of his classes enjoyable.