The Magic 8 Ball says…

Many of us can say we have asked a question to a Magic 8 Ball at some point in our lives. But does it truly have psychic powers? It has been put to test as it was passed to students and teachers at Wahlert.

Caleb Dolan, ‘25, decided to ask, “Am I going to die today?” To this, the all-knowing 8 Ball answered, “Outlook good.” 

Caleb Dolan, ’25, posing with the 8 Ball after asking his question.

“I’d get hit walking home because some guy’s going to drive up on the sidewalk, and he’s going to hit me,” Dolan predicted. Luckily, after checking up on Caleb the next day, he was still alive.

Ms. Kathryn Mehltretter asked the 8 Ball, “Is science my favorite subject?” to test the 8 Ball’s powerful knowledge. Its response was, “Don’t count on it.” Mehltretter, who is a science teacher and loves science, declared that the ball’s power is fake. 

It’s not a secret that many students have an opinion about the dress code. Lilly Bonnet, ‘24, wanted to know, “Will Mr. Varley ever let up on the dress code?” According to the 8 Ball, “Signs point to yes.” This was good news to Bonnet, but it’s likely that the 8-ball has given her some false hope.

Mia McDermott, ‘26, is debating whether or not she will do softball in the summer. She asked the 8 Ball hoping to see her decision. When McDermott asked, “Should I do softball this summer?” the 8 Ball told her, “Cannot predict now.” This wasn’t a very helpful response, and apparently the 8 Ball is leaving it up to McDermott to decide if she will play softball.

Many who know Patrick Rambousek, ‘23, are aware of his great interest in, and knowledge of, dinosaurs. He asked the 8 Ball, “Will dinosaurs be resurrected by science?” It answered with an astounding answer of “Wes, definitely.” 

“I can’t wait for them to come back. I would probably snag one as a pet. I want to ride a t-rex,” Rambousek said. 

It seems that though fun, the Magic 8 Ball isn’t the most reliable fortune telling device. You’re probably better off considering your decisions and future without its counsel.