College stress will soon digress

With the end of the seniors’ school year coming closer, college is one of the many things on their minds. While most know where they are going, it wasn’t always like this. Some seniors knew where they wanted to go as early as the end of their junior year. Some are still figuring this out.
Students like Braydan Vize, ’23, are still on the fence. “I want to stay here in Dubuque, but I came to this conclusion recently,” said Vize. While some might have felt uneasy about such a decision, Vize is fine with working through the college search a little longer.
On the other hand, several students have already made their decision. As early as November, “I applied” posters with “#Accepted” were on many walls. Many students didn’t feel rushed but wanted to know where they were going as soon as possible.
Whether you decide really early or right before graduation, the important thing is if you feel comfortable with your choice. “It’s important to decide where you want to go, but it is all about your personal preference,” said guidance counselor Katie Lenart.
No matter where you are at this important crossroad in life, as long as you feel good about your decision, you have made the right decision.