Lockers burst with Bubbl’rs… and benefit others


Bubbl’rs are a popular drink amongst Wahlert students, and one student has taken it upon himself to go above and beyond with his love of Bubbl’rs. Max Habel, ‘26, was about two weeks into school when he noticed that Bubblr’s started to pile up at his lunch table. 

“[My friends and I] always drank Bubbl’rs, and at lunch we would have like seven Bubbl’r cans at our table,” said Habel. He said that one of his friends suggested they “hoard” them in their unused lockers.

When other freshman students heard about this, they decided to help the cause and give their Bubbl’rs, too. 

“I thought it was a good idea because it was for a good cause,” said Penny Kelly, ‘26.

Not only does Habel get his Bubbl’rs from other students, but he and some of his friends go around after school and find Bubbl’r cans from the recycling.

Habel said, “We will go in the recycling bin and fish some out, if it’s clean, and then wash our hands after.”

Now, Habel and his Bubbl’r can-collecting team have four lockers full of Bubbl’rs. One of the lockers, number 357, is open for students who would like to donate their empty Bubbl’r cans. 

Not only do they organize them in lockers, but they also organize the Bubbl’rs based on their color.

“After school we organize them by color, using the locker shelves…and we have a few trash bags full, too,” said Habel.

At the end of the year, Habel plans on redeeming the cans at Hy-Vee, which gives 5 cents per can. He will be donating the money produced to the Opening Doors charity in Dubuque. 

Opening Doors is a non-profit that helps women and children that are experiencing homelessness. Opening Doors has three doorways to help: the Teresa Shelter, Maria House, and Francis Apartments.

 Habel estimated that so far, they have around 250 Bubbl’r cans collected, and he would like to keep going in order to support the Opening Doors charity.