First jobs gone bad

SMILE FOR THE SELFIE Amya Lavenz, ’23, takes a selfie while at her current job at the Dubuque Golf and Country Club.

It’s your first time working the cash register and you can’t figure it out. As you’re struggling, a customer is yelling at you and complaining for you to hurry up. Your boss steps in and tells her the situation, but she continues to complain. Shortly after, she ends up leaving and you start crying. This is what happened to Amya Lavenz, ‘23, at her first job. 

“My first job was at East Mill. I was the cashier, and I helped with the food. I didn’t really enjoy my job because it was pointless. The hours were bad,” said Lavenz. 

While Lavenz didn’t have the best experience at her first job, Macie Huntington, ‘22, enjoyed hers.

“My first job was working in a food truck. I enjoyed my job. I made good money, but it was very hot, it was always very busy, and stressful,” Huntington stated. 

With the year coming to a close and summer fast approaching, some students are applying for their first jobs. 

“I applied for a job as a lifeguard at the Dubuque Golf and Country Club. I’m very excited about it because I know a lot of Wahlert students are lifeguards as well and it’s a way to make a good amount of money over the summer,” said Jackson Weber, ‘24. 

For these students beginning working for the first time, Merrick Wahlert, ‘25, has some wisdom to share. Wahlert is currently a banquet server at Happy’s Place. 

“My advice would be that when you’re at a young age, work as many hours as you can,” said Wahlert.