The Belief and the Power of Crystals


Olivia Pfeiler

Olivia Pfeiler’s, ’21, collection of crystals.

Some people believe that certain types of crystals have an effect on positivity and negativity. There is no scientific evidence that they can heal a person, but they may help to improve one’s mood. Two students from Wahlert collect crystals and share their beliefs about them.

Olivia Pfeiler, ‘21, saw a Tik Tok about crystals and decided to start collecting them. She said people would post about their “spiritual journeys,” and she wanted to start her own. “I was going through a difficult time in my life and found that my new collection brought a lot of peace and happiness to it,” said Pfeiler. 

More of Olivia Pfeiler’s, ’21, collection.  

Olivia has about 30 crystals, and each one has different properties. She said, “Some bring protection, some bring calming, intuition, healing, focus, awareness, and so much more. Some crystals, for example, are good for immune health, insomnia, and losing weight.”

Faith Frick, ‘22, has about 10 crystals, and she hopes to broaden her collection by buying one on every trip she takes outside of Dubuque. Frick said, “A lot of my collection started with my love for jewelry. My dad bought me my first ring for Christmas two years ago, and I haven’t taken it off since. It was my prized possession, and I began to buy my own rings, necklaces, and bracelets.” 

Faith Frick’s, ’22, ring from her dad.
(Faith Frick)

Frick says each and everyone of her crystals have their own unique properties and characteristics.

“Some may know of crystal amethyst or emerald. Amethyst can help the mind get rid of negative thoughts, is a protector of negative energy, helps promote sobriety, and can help one’s intuition. As well as bring joy and enhance emotions and memory. Emerald can also help with one’s recovery, treating the lungs, sinuses, muscles, and to improve vision,” says Frick.

Although crystals have not been known to heal, they have been known to help bring positivity into one’s life and block out the negativity. They are also used to bring confidence into your life and are a very beautiful thing to collect.