8th graders head towards high school

The nerve-wracking yet exciting transition from eighth grade to freshman year.


        Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway. Never walk around with your schedule in your hand. Don’t you dare park in the front row.

        These unwritten rules of freshman year can be quite daunting. The transition from middle school to high school is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Those who have made it through freshman year of high school know that making mistakes is all part of the process. 

        Ben Dolter, ‘25, said, “My biggest regret from freshman year is worrying too much about popularity status. Nobody looks deeply into who you are and the things you do, so don’t overthink it.” 

         Even though freshman year may seem frightening, most of the problems that freshmen are faced with will not have a big effect on their future. In reality, high school can be an extremely exciting shift. 

        “I have heard from high schoolers that freshman year holds a lot of new opportunities and is a great chance to grow into who you want to be,” said incoming freshman, Jackson Lampe, ‘26. 

        Wahlert offers a whole new aspect to attending school. When you get to choose your own classes, follow an entirely different schedule, and get to participate in many new sports and clubs, school becomes rather enjoyable. 

          Penny Kelly, ‘26, said, “I am definitely excited to move on from middle school wrestling. This year, I was the only girl on the team, so I am pumped to be a part of the girls’ wrestling team at Wahlert.”
           Whether you are feeling excited, nervous, or all of the above, the transition to Wahlert is just a couple of doors and a bridge away. It is important to get involved, surround yourself with people who build you up, and prioritize your schoolwork. But most importantly, do NOT stand in the middle of the hallway.