Fake Winter Formal becomes new normal

Along with unexpected changes to sports, school, and life have also come changes to social lives. Due to large numbers and a small space, the 2021 Winter Formal dance was cancelled. However, many students have chosen to find a light in this dissatisfactory situation.

In order to make up for the cancellation of this year’s Winter Formal, some students formed a small group to enjoy the experience. Since this would’ve been the freshman class’s first dance, they felt especially inclined to make alternate plans.

Joey Kiefer, ‘24, said, “In place of Winter Formal, my group took pictures together and had a small dinner. Even though we couldn’t dance, we made our own schedule, and it worked out very well for my first school dance. I’m looking forward to taking pictures next dance and hopefully having a COVID-free experience in the future.”

Many seniors have also felt frustrated by the cancellation of their third dance. However, it was important to one group of seven seniors that they still made the night fun by getting dressed up, taking pictures, and going to Olive Garden.

Gina Huinker, ‘21, said, “We decided to have our own Winter Formal because my friends and I love school dances, and we were disappointed we weren’t able to have a winter formal our senior year. However, we wanted to at least have something to replace it, so we thought we’d make the best of it and have our own!”

Some students even found that they preferred the altered Winter Formal arrangements. Natalie Kelzer’s favorite part of school dances is the food and hanging out with friends, which she got to experience with her fake Winter Formal.

Kelzer, ‘22, said, “I actually just wore a dress from an old dance, took a group picture, then changed into more comfortable clothes. I was really happy with the situation because I got to avoid the parts of dances that I normally don’t look forward to.”

Whether you see the cancellation of Winter Formal as a positive or a disappointment, it is important to stay optimistic for making the best of the future.

Huinker said, “Because I’m a senior, I’m not sure if I’ll get another school dance, but I’m hopeful! I miss being able to see everyone and dance together in the cafeteria. Even if I don’t get another dance though, I’m so thankful for all the fun I’ve had with my friends at past dances!”