Where does motivation come from?


Nicholas Hill, ’24, performs on his tenor sax at the Grand Opera House.

Many students find it hard to stay motivated. With still a long road before summer vacation, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of being stuck. There are many ideas and advice given for those finding it hard to stay motivated and moving forward.

Religion teacher Nathaniel Gee said, “I’d say that I don’t think motivation is something you can create for yourself. I don’t think it’s something you can switch on. The most motivated people are in tune with who they are and their why. So, if you’re lacking motivation I’d say get real clear with yourself about your goals and the purpose that you’re reaching for. Allow the tests before you to align with your goals and purpose. For me, it’s easy because both my goals and purpose is love. It always comes back to love. It’s amazing how the most strenuous task becomes easy because of love.” 

Motivation may come easily to Brother Gee, but that isn’t the case for everyone.

“Staying motivated is a constant battle. It’s difficult sometimes because school challenges you emotionally and intellectually. The work can be frustrating, boring, and, sometimes even infuriating. It’s easy to want to quit or give up, but I try to think about the butterfly effect. Whatever good you put into the world, you get back. I believe you get out what you put in. In the end, the impossible becomes easier once you believe you can achieve it, “ says Catherine Curtiss, ‘21.

Every individual has different ways to help them stay motivated.

Catherine Curtiss, ’21, enjoys baking to help keep herself motivated.

Curtiss says she likes to take breaks and do things she loves, like reading a book, yoga, and baking. 

Nicholas Hill, ‘24, says, “I’m very motivated when I’m around my friends. They keep me going with the things I like to do. Doing things I love, like theater, band, and choir keep me focused and happy. Having people who help me through the day makes it easy for me to stay motivated.”

Everyone has a different way to motivate, whether it comes from within with purpose and love, setting goals and rewarding your accomplishments or surrounding yourself with positive friends and role models. The first step is to find what motivates you and then act upon it. Taking the first step is always the hardest.