Uniforms,to be or not to be?

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Uniforms,to be or not to be?

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Uniforms. To be or not to be. For seniors, not only can it be a countdown for the end of their high school but also for an end to the polos and tan pants we have all came to love throughout the high school years at school.

So why uniforms? There are positives and negatives for school uniforms.

The good thing about uniforms is that it can be easier for students in the morning. They don’t have to dig through their closet in order to find something they want to wear to school for the day.

Some people do not like uniforms, however, because of the cost, the schools can put on them. They can price them extremely high and make families buy them or else students get in trouble for not being in uniform. It can restrict a students’ freedom of expression.

Some people think uniforms are acceptable because they can show unity and school spirit. They show support for your school. One of the main reasons for having a school uniform is that it shows professionality.

As for me, I think there shouldn’t be uniforms at schools. It’s not worth it going through the motions to have them. There are practically no benefits to having to wear a uniform.

If a parent has to worry about buying clothes for their kids, they might be low on funds to pay so they can actually go to school, get an education and be successful. There is too much money being put into buying uniforms.

Yes, there should be rules, limits to what you can and can not wear, but not a strict uniform code. Uniforms let students be themselves and you have rules, so students wouldn’t wear anything illegal.

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