The life of a multiple

Seeing double or triple? If so, you may want to keep reading. 

Because there are many sets of twins and triplets at Wahlert, whether identical or fraternal, it can be hard to identify who is who.

Despite being mistaken for one’s sibling, there are many reasons it can be fun to be a multiple. Cecilia Jones, ‘23, said that she loves to be a twin because “You always have a best friend.” 

Sophie and Hannah Hefel, ’21, are identical twins.

Many other twins agree. Hannah and Sophie Hefel, ‘21, both said that it was nice to have a built-in best friend, as did Jones’ twin, Anastasia.

Even with all of the excitement of being a twin, there can also be some struggles that come with it. One of these struggles is people asking where your twin or triplet is. Bridget Schmid, ‘22, says that whenever people ask her where her sister is, she doesn’t know how to respond because she has two in the same grade as her. “It can get annoying after a while,” she says. 

Although it may get annoying, it is also kind of funny. When people mix up her name with her sister’s, Hannah Hefel said, “I don’t care. I just kinda laugh it off and am like, “That’s my sister!”   

Another bothersome part of being a multiple, especially when you are a triplet, is the problem with people not really knowing who you are. “You are always known as ‘the triplets’, nothing else,” said Jamie Schmid, ‘22. “Most people just know us as the triplets, not our names.” Even in saying this, Schmid also thinks that it’s fun to be a triplet because she doesn’t have to remember her siblings’ birthdays, and she usually has someone that can help her with homework. 

Now you may know a little bit more about what being a multiple feels like. It’s always a fun time in the household, and you never lose a friend. However, only few are lucky enough to come in packages in twos or threes.