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What a show choir season looks like: Wahlert Impact edition

Caroline Schmid, Reporter

April 1, 2020

Overall, this year’s show choir season was great. To be honest I was kind of worried about the new freshmen coming in because I didn’t know about all the talent, but it turned out that I didn’t have to be nervous because all the freshman, including the sophomores and juniors that make up I...

What is Dub’s most popular pizza hub?

Lily Roth, '20, enjoys Happy Joe's pizza while cheering on the boys basketball team.

Caroline Schmid, Reporter

January 30, 2020

It is already known that pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. In fact, almost 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second! In 2019, a poll on the website “The Daily Meal” asked subscribers what pizza chain they loved most. There were over 100 chains considered, but when it came do...

Same last name, same origin, different spelling

Caroline Schmid, Reporter

December 12, 2019

What’s it like to have people always get your name wrong? If you’re a Schmid, Schmidt, Schmitt, or Schmitz, you probably know how it feels to have your name misspelled. Schmidt is derived from the common German last name “Schmied,” meaning “blacksmith.” In English, the equivalent to Schmied is “...

The life of a multiple

Caroline Schmid, Reporter

October 21, 2019

Seeing double or triple? If so, you may want to keep reading.  Because there are many sets of twins and triplets at Wahlert, whether identical or fraternal, it can be hard to identify who is who. Despite being mistaken for one’s sibling, there are many reasons it can be fun to be a multiple. Ceci...

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