Behind scenes of Key City Classic


Feb. 2nd was a day of many events. Millions of people were celebrating a birthday, perhaps maybe even Groundhog’s Day, with the prediction of an early spring.

At Wahlert, however, the show choirs were hosting their first ever competition, titled the Key City Classic. A total of two middle schools and eleven high school teams participated, with six teams advancing to night finals.

Aaron Behnke, show choir director, labeled the competition as a success in many ways.

“We had a well-run competition that stayed on time, was organized, and had a great attitude and spirit circulating throughout the building all day,” Behnke stated. “We heard numerous times that this was better than many competitions that had been going on for 15 to 20 years.”

At the end of the night, “Riverside Company” of Hastings, Minnesota, took grand champions, “Titan Fever” from Glenwood, Illinois, placed second, and Cedar Rapids Jefferson’s “Westside Delegation” finished  in third place.

Best vocals and best band awards went to Hastings, while Glenwood received best choreography.

Nick Nachtman, ‘20, was one of the many show choir students working the competition. “I thought that it was a huge success,” Nachtman stated. “There was a lot of good feedback from both the teams and visitors. A common comment I heard was how happy people were that pasta was not being served for dinner. Instead, there was HyVee chinese, which people were excited about.”

While results were being tabulated, Wahlert’s varsity show choir Impulse performed after a rousing speech by Michael Rambousek, ‘19.

“We’re at the Key City Classic; it’s been Key City happening all day,” gushed Rambousek. “Thanks to the moms, thanks to the judges, thanks to Aaron Behnke, thanks to our MC, thanks to our supporters. We’re a Key City Classic. Thank you. Next, my heart will go on!”

While this first competition was a huge success, Behnke plans to change some things for the next time in terms of lighting and staging, and he wants to rework some of the volunteer positions. It is also hoped that even more high school groups will attend the competition next year.