Is this heaven? No, its Zoros Gyros

Is this heaven? No, it’s Zoro’s Gyros

May 24, 2022

What is food? In a lot of ways, it is the thing that we eat so that our body can absorb nutrients that give us energy. But I would argue that it’s also something more than that. Food is what brings us together. It’s what gives us culture. Food is what gives us life.

In my one week as a professional food critic, I have discovered these truths and much more about the food we eat. But I have also discovered the more sinister aspects of the food world. In the past week, I have been cursed at, spat on, and thrown out of buildings. Mostly by my mother who clearly can’t take criticism. The life of a food critic is harsh, but I persevere.

For 17 years, I have eaten food every day of my life thus making me one of the most qualified food reviewers in my field. Throughout my career, the question, “What is food?”, has haunted me to my very core. Many nights I have awoken in a cold sweat, screaming, filled with the anxiety of what the question asks. This anxiety has since been quelled after taking a trip downtown to Zoro’s Gyros.

If “What is food?” is the question to the meaning of life, Zoro’s Gyros is the omnipotent being with the answer. Located on Central Avenue in downtown Dubuque, this Greek restaurant may at first not seem like much. What Zoro’s lacks in exterior image, it makes up for exponentially in a homely inside and delicious cuisine.

“I have touched the sun and tasted heaven,” claims Patrick Rambousek,‘23, who accompanied me to the restaurant. On arrival, we were immediately recommended the “Supreme Gyro,” one of the staples of the restaurant. We agreed to and did not regret it. The sandwich was served on warm pita bread, filled with a mix of gyro meat, a variety of vegetables, feta cheese, and a savory tzatziki sauce. The sandwich was also served with a side of perfectly crispy fries. By the end of our meal, Patrick and I were overwhelmed with the beauty of what we had just indulged in.

But our divine journey into food heaven wasn’t done yet; we still had dessert. Zoro’s has a stellar pastry. The Baklava, a layered pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup, was simply fantastic. It was sweet, with a chew that I was at first opposed to but soon came to love.

If you’re weary of Greek cuisine, Zoro’s has alternatives. The restaurant offers a wide range of other foods from cheeseburgers to pizza puffs. All of these menu items come at a reasonable price for the amount of food you’re getting.
Not only is the food great, but the eating area offers a simple aesthetic that is reminiscent of a decade of dining that was not overtaken by the fast food industry. The room is welcoming, and the restaurant’s regulars partake in enthusiastic conversation.

Overall, Zoro’s Gyros offers a uniquely downtown Dubuque experience. As Wahlert students, a lot of us often spend most of our time, and our money, uptown. As good as a Chick-fil-a or Sonic burger may be, sometimes it’s best to expand your horizons and look for something new. And there’s nothing better for the Dubuque community than looking for something new at a family-owned business like Zoro’s Gyros.

With that said, I give Zoro’s Gyros a Gleaner historic 5 stars out of 5 for their delicious gyros, wonderful service, and gentle atmosphere.

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