Merch on it

By John Sulentic

Of the Gleaner

There is a not a lack of trustworthy people walking through the halls of Wahlert Catholic. Even so, there are, as always, people who enjoy to stretch the truth more than what it is recommended. Two years ago, Carter Bisdorf, ‘19, popularized a phrase that would change the fabric of the Wahlert community for years to come: “Merch on it!”

“Merch” is a very simple term. it is most similar to a pinky promise that someone will do or will not do something. “I started using it with my friends to make sure that everyone always told the truth,” said Bisdorf.

While “Merch” is generally seen as an unbreakable promise, there are some times where you have no choice but to commit a “false merch.” This is a high stakes gamble because that public shame is often the outcome for someone who doesn’t follow through on their promise. “I genuinely think that it has made Wahlert a better place because people are much more trustworthy.” claims Bisdorf.

While it is an everyday occurrence for members of the senior class to use the term, it is not uncommon to hear younger students using the term also. “I use it almost everyday because I truly believe that the term could take off nationally one day.” said Charlie Vandermillen, ‘20.

While slang terms in an American high school are nothing new, “merch” is different because of the widespread usage it got shortly after its creation.While it may seem irrelevant to people outside of Wahlert, “Merch on it” has had a clear impact on the Wahlert senior class

“It really means something to us, said Coby Adams, ‘19, another founder of the term. “It’s our legacy.”

Many people agree that it  has made people much more trustworthy and allowed for a fun and entertaining way to improve the Wahlert community.