Out with the old, in with the new


With Winter Formal quickly approaching, many students are wondering what to wear. Many dresses are considered too basic, while others defy the current trends. This leaves Wahlert girls on the hunt for the perfect dress.
Many girls might not know what they’re looking for, however, have made up their mind on trends they wouldn’t want to participate in. Lydia Foy, ‘23, and Grace Zhang, ‘24, agree that they want a specific pattern from last year’s dresses to go.
“There’s a specific pattern, usually found off of Lucy in the Sky; it’s almost this lacy pattern, but it’s made from sequins,” Foy says, “I just feel like we saw a lot of it last year, and this year we would be over using it.”
Zhang also agrees that the specific pattern was seen too much at previous dances.
“I’m guilty of this because I wore it for homecoming, but it’s so basic,” she says.
On the other hand, many girls have trends that they hope to see return this year. Colors like pink and green are becoming more and more popular with time. Predictable Winter Formal colors like darker reds and blues, as well as plain black dresses are set to come back as well.
With classic colors and dresses predicted to come back, some people are hoping to see some new ones.
“I think we’ll be seeing more one-sleeved this year,” Mallory Zeman, ‘24 says. “It’s definitely starting to come back.”
Brighter colors are also becoming more prominent. Pastel colors and brighter hues are showing up at Winter Formal, a definite contrast to the classic darker shades. Foy agrees that there will be quite a few new trends seen at dances this year.
“I think there will definitely be a lot of bows and tulle. I also like the new layered dresses coming out,” said Foy.
In the end, dresses are a great form of self expression and dressing how you want at the dance is important. While trends inspire us to follow people, being yourself is the best trend of all.