Students hop into the Easter season

Bunnies, eggs, and baskets all come to mind with the thought of Easter.

Easter Sunday, April 17, is in just two short weeks. For many, this brings the image of Easter baskets, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and extended family, but nearly everyone celebrates Easter differently.

Julia Thielen, ‘25, cherishes the religious and family aspects of Easter. She said, “My family goes to mass, and we have an early dinner together.”

Caden Brimeyer, ‘23, also enjoys family traditions. “I go to my grandma’s house with my family Saturday evening and we watch The Ten Commandments. We stay the night and Sunday morning we go to mass. After mass, all of my extended family comes, and we have a large meal,” Brimeyer said.

Kylie Meehan, ‘25, takes part in the traditions and games of Easter. “I put out eggs for the Easter egg hunt,” Meehan said.

Grace Miller, ‘25, enjoys candy and family in her Easter celebrations. She said, “We go to the kitchen and find a bunch of chocolate and nuts. Then we go visit our grandparents  and drop off gifts.”

Miller does not take this family time lightly. “I love getting to see my family members and spending time with them to get to know them better. Seeing my loved ones’ smiling faces also makes me very happy.”

Brimeyer said, “I love all of the candy that comes with Easter and seeing all of my family together, repeating the traditions that I’ve done since before I remember.”