Wahlert Students Assume the Role of General Manager

With the NFL season now underway, some students kick off their fantasy football league, which can involve high stakes and brutal punishments. Many boys from the junior and senior classes are participating in class-wide leagues that include a hefty buy-in. The participants in the senior class are requiring a $10-20 buy-in depending on the group, and the juniors are requiring a $50 deposit to enter their league.

With such a large price tag just to enter a fantasy league, one might wonder why the participants are willing to pay such a sizable amount of money just to be included. Sam Lueken, ‘22, is most looking forward to watching his players perform every Sunday which he says, “gets me more into the NFL season.”

Lueken says that the main reason he participates is for the competition between his friends, the potential cash prize of $200, and bragging rights. 

The boys in the junior class are also very eager to kick off. Their total prize is $450 and a huge traveling trophy. The prizes are highly desirable, but the consequences for losing might be enough for some to choose not to participate.

The participants in the classes of ‘22 and ‘23 have come up with some creative punishments for the losers. In the senior class, whoever has the worst record must shave both their legs and their armpits. For the juniors, “the loser must set up a lemonade stand in one of the winter months and is not allowed to pack up until they make at least $20 in sales,” said Will Coohey, ‘23.

Aaron Savary, ‘22, lost-happened to be the loser of last year’s fantasy football league and, as a result, had to shave his head during Eagle Time. Savary recalls, “It was tough to do, but I’m a man of my word…. it was a pretty terrible experience.”

Despite having to follow through with that brutal punishment, Savary will be participating in his class’ fantasy league this year. Fantasy football draws crowds of Wahlert students who are eager to compete with friends.