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Parent-teacher conferences effectiveness

Mrs. Becky Varley enters grades into PowerSchool before meeting with parents this week.

Ashley Steele, Editor

February 18, 2020

by Ashley Steele Of the Gleaner This week students are going to enjoy a long four-day weekend. Teachers, however, will have a week full of parent-teacher conferences. Some students and parents still attend conferences; however, they do not seem to be the norm for many Wahlert students.  “My...

Parents impact students’ everyday life

Jamie Vondra, Reporter

December 12, 2019

Have you ever thought about how different your life could be if you had a parent as a teacher? Well, some students are living with this reality every day. For some, their experience feels exactly as it would without a parent, but others find that it greatly affects their daily life. Coincidentally,...

Awko-taco teacher moments

Eric Leigh

October 7, 2015

We all have those occasional awkward interactions with teachers when we see them outside of school. Here are some memorable student-teacher awkward moments.   "One time I saw Mrs. Kitzinger at an ortho appointment, so I hid my face in my hoodie while she yelled at her youngest child." -Matthew...

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