Awko-taco teacher moments

We all have those occasional awkward interactions with teachers when we see them outside of school. Here are some memorable student-teacher awkward moments.


“One time I saw Mrs. Kitzinger at an ortho appointment, so I hid my face in my hoodie while she yelled at her youngest child.” -Matthew Wadkowski, ’16


“One time I saw Ms. Wagner mall walking with her mother while I was shopping with my grandma. They engaged in conversation while I stood to the side awkwardly.”-Taylor Reichel, ’16


“One time I saw Mr. Decker at Hy-Vee, and a couple days later I went to a different Hy-Vee and saw him again.” -Cindy Stierman, ’16


“One time I saw Mr. Spencer at Target while I was looking at mascara, and he waved at me. But I pretended not to see him.”-Lela Udry, ’17


“One time I held the door for a man walking into Panera, and I didn’t realize it was Mr. Heinle until he asked how I was doing on my geometry homework.” -Julia Crawford, ’18


“After quitting Cross Country a week before, I went to a team dinner just for fun. But as I was going up to the front door, Ms. Wagner came out, so I ran around to the back.” -KC Haynes, ’16


“When I was at the fair in a line, I saw Mr. Muenster saying cute things in a baby voice to his daughter, so I left before I would’ve had to talk to him.” -Mathlynn Wonne, ’18


“One time I was sitting in Tony Roma’s with my extended family, and I pretended not to see Mrs. Schriver sitting at the table next to us the entire time.” -Audra McMahon, ’18