Self-defense kicks into high gear


PIN ‘EM DOWN Mr. Joel Allen demonstrates wrestling moves on Andrew Slaght, ’24, during a S.A.C. class.


With today’s world becoming more dangerous by the minute, numerous self-defense classes have started to teach average people how to protect themselves, including the new self-defense class started by Mr. Joel Allen. 

“The class will teach Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and punching,” Mr. Allen shares. Mr. Allen’s self-defense class will be offered for one semester and is the only fitness class that can be taken in the same semester as another fitness class.

Drew Rothenberger, ‘24, plans to take Mr. Allen’s self-defense class. “I am taking the class because I think it’s a good idea to learn how to defend yourself because you might find yourself in a situation where you need to use self-defense, especially in this dangerous world. And this class will prepare us for those situations.”

Kevin Bradley, ‘24, shares a similar opinion on the new self-defense class and why he decided to sign up for the class. “I think self-defense is a useful skill to have for life, and I enjoy physical education classes, so I think it will be fun and interesting. I am taking the class to learn more about how to protect myself and others.”

As the world gets scary, classes like Mr. Allen’s self defense class is preparing regular citizens for possible danger.