Possible closing of schools causes nostalgia

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Possible closing of schools causes nostalgia

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Change is inevitable in this world, and now, with the changing tides in Holy Family education, the administration is discussing new options for the future of the elementary schools’ success.

On Sept. 3, the Holy Family Board of Education announced some of the proposals they are considering because of low enrollment at St. Anthony and Holy Ghost elementary schools. Currently, the administration is considering three plans: closing St. Anthony, closing Holy Ghost, or closing both schools. “The decisions we face as a community are incredibly difficult and that is why we need to hear from as many community members as possible to ensure we select the proposal that positions us for a stronger future,” said Phill Bormann.

Reasons for the proposals range from the cost of maintaining the buildings to low enrollment. Not only do the buildings of St. Anthony and Holy Ghost need to be updated, but so do all of the other elementary schools. 

There is also a cost factor that goes into low enrollment. The way that tuition is set up is that the cost of running the school is divided by those enrolled. As enrollment numbers go down, tuition rates go up. Therefore, if schools were to consolidate, the tuition rate for all families would go down.

If the schools close, all students will be able to attend any Holy Family elementary school they desire, and faculty will be taken care of, whether that be through an early retirement package or employment at another elementary school. Phill Bormann said, “Holy Family is a strong community and I believe we will work through the selected proposal together.” The money saved from closing one or both schools ($400,000 annually) will also help the faculty’s wages increase in years to come. 

Another use for this extra money could be put towards tuition assistance. 

The Board of Education’s decision will be finalized in October and will be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year.


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