What is Dub’s most popular pizza hub?


S. Gaul

Lily Roth, ’20, enjoys Happy Joe’s pizza while cheering on the boys basketball team.

It is already known that pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. In fact, almost 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second!

In 2019, a poll on the website “The Daily Meal” asked subscribers what pizza chain they loved most. There were over 100 chains considered, but when it came down to the winner, Pizza Hut was considered the best chain with Dominoes a debated second.  

Without a doubt, Dubuque has many good pizza chains which entice customers to their doors by the inviting smells of cheese, pizza dough, sauce, and breadsticks. But where’s the sympathy for the local pizza places in our town? Happy Joes, Casey’s, Shot Tower, Magoo’s, and more restaurants have fine good pizza as well. 

Photo created in Piktochart created by Caroline Schmid.

Just like in “The Daily Meal,” students were asked what their favorite local pizza place was, and in our poll, individuals were asked what pizza they enjoyed most and why.

Overall, more than 124 people submitted an answer to both the interview and the poll.

According to this poll, Wahlert determined Happy Joe’s as the best pizza place in Dubuque, but if you disagree, remember this: You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza and that’s pretty much the same thing.