Mental health at Wahlert

Mental health struggles have have received much attention in today’s society. With the stress of the daily life, that’s no surprise. School, sports, jobs and keeping a social life can be a lot for one person. That’s why it’s important to be aware of mental struggles. The guidance counselors make a huge difference in the awareness at Wahlert. They strive to make sure the students of Wahlert are safe, and that they know the dangers of mental health struggles.

“With all of the added pressures and the family stress and grind that students are under on a regular basis, it is incredible to me that students are able to continue to function and work through the feelings and stress they are having,” says Katie Lenart, one of the guidance counselors. “There is so much on every student’s plate. Many of you come to school, get into an activity at night, and don’t get home until late. Then, after all that, there is still homework to do. That’s why it’s important to tell someone if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressing about something. Don’t let those feelings bottle up. It’s very easy for someone to become overwhelmed,” noted Lenart.

Doing something positive can greatly improve your mental health. Just taking time to relax and get some “me-time,” talking to friends and family about your current thoughts, or simply doing what makes you happy can make a huge difference. It can be very easy to think of all the bad things that are going on in your life, but changing the way you look at life can greatly improve your mental health struggles; begin by seeing the good in your life and cherish your happy memories.

School is a natural stressor for students. Homework is non-stop, after school activities are a time-consuming event, and some students have jobs which take up time that they could spend doing homework.

Contacting Guidance is important as well. They know what to do when they become aware of a student with a mental struggle. Guidance also knows the proper steps, and they do their best to make sure that students are aware that they are there if they need help, or simply someone to talk to. It’s important to know that the counselors have the job of Guidance for a reason; they can help guide you if you need assistance.

“My first reaction to someone who is struggling would be to sit and listen. Try to understand where the student might be coming from. Second step, then, would be to evaluate where they are, what they are coping with, or something that they are struggling to cope with. Next step would be, if needed, additional resources to help that student find some strategies,” says Mrs. Lenart.

Mental health awareness is extremely important. You never know if your friend in biology is living with anxiety, whether the guy you see walking in the halls is living with depression. Anxiety and depression are the most common struggles, especially for teenagers, which is why mental health awareness is so important. But with everyone’s help, mental health struggles will be defeated.