Grounded gets going


After Bob and Lou’s Coffee hosted a teaser for Wahlert’s upcoming coffee shop, Grounded, last year, the business seemingly disappeared. Many students were left wondering, “What happened to the shop? Why has it not opened yet?” 

Although the business seems as simple as serving coffee in the current concessions stand, in reality, there are many more components involved.

Meyers and Academic Innovation Coordinator Mariah Reeves have taken charge of opening Grounded and plan to have the shop up and running by the second semester. They are currently finalizing details, including the material sources, the content included in the business class, and the hours of operation.

Grounded plans to offer espresso-based drinks, including lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and americanos; drip coffee; chai; and possibly lemonade. If successful, Grounded hopes to expand to a wider variety of drinks in the future, including smoothies.

Students involved in a business class — possibly BizInnovator — will have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of entrepreneurship by working at the coffee shop. Principal Ron Meyers sees Grounded as an opportunity to benefit students’ futures.

“When I think of the future, I don’t see students going to just a math class, then science, then English,” Meyers began. “Instead, everything would be integrated because that’s how life is. Running Grounded will require students to have knowledge of sales, marketing, communication and collaboration. We’re trying to make it real.”

Reeves and Meyers see Grounded as a central connection between Wahlert’s various departments and initiatives. For example, the well-rounded coffee shop could feature marketing materials designed by Graphic Designers, pastries concocted by Ms. Allison Pusateri’s culinary classes, sales calculations from the business class, and even a jingle created by band members.

“I see so many students bringing their Starbucks or their Jumble to Wahlert; we would love to see that be Grounded,” said Reeves. “I think it would be a great opportunity to provide for our students while keeping the money within our building in order to donate to good causes in the community.”

Grounded began as an idea from coffee connoisseurs Hannah Krapfl, Ella Schmidt, and Emma Belken, ‘21. The girls completed an internship last year to transform their idea into a reality.

Schmidt said, “I think Grounded will be successful at Wahlert because every day I walked the halls and saw countless people carrying some type of coffee, tea, or refresher. Bringing Grounded to Wahlert makes getting their caffeine-fix so much easier and cheaper, which I believe high schoolers will love.”