Eagles flock to the polls

As some eagles grow older, the thought of registering to vote comes closer. While this may seem scary, there are many Eagles who have already started the process of registering to vote. 

Gabrielle Staidl, ‘23, has begun the process. “One thing I am doing to prepare to vote is researching candidates, what their actual positions are on things,” said Staidl. 

 Aaron Kluesner, ‘23, will also be voting in the upcoming election and emphasized its importance. “It is very important to vote. I’m not exactly excited about voting, but I don’t think it is a burden either,” said Kluesner. 

Of course, problems are bound to arise for young voters, “One problem I am having is differentiating adults’ opinions and what my actual opinions are,” says Staidl. 

The first step in the voting process is registration, and Wahlert’s government teacher Cole Smith offers his expertise, saying there are multiple ways a citizen can do so: “You could go through the Department of Motor Vehicles when you get your 18 year old license That is the easiest way to do it,” said Smith. 

If that option is not available, Smith says you can register by filling out a form found at sos.iowa.gov and submitting it or printing the form, filling it out, and taking it to the County Auditor at the courthouse. 

“One of the biggest things I tell kids is if you ever move or your place of residence ever changes, re-register to vote because it is likely your voting precinct has changed,” said Smith. Mr. Smith believes that it is important for all students of age to register and vote in the elections.  So, what are you waiting for? Once you are of age, get registered!