Class of 2025 elects new officers


Freshmen celebrate victory Walter Freund, Addison Schultz, Amalia Strahl, and Julia Thielen were elected to serve as officers by their classmates.

The beginning of November brings not only local, state and national elections, but also the freshman elections. The election was for four freshman positions in the Student Senate: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Running for President were Walter Freund and Olivia Hill, ‘25. Freund won with overwhelming support.

“I am thankful that I have the opportunity to represent my grade in the best way I can, and I look forward to the future,” said Freund. “I have always wanted to run for Student Senate, but I just never had the time to do it as I have been involved in a lot of activities in recent years.”

Freund noted that he also wanted to see a change in the Class of 2025 senate members, as many students involved had been in it for multiple years.

To campaign, Freund gave out stickers and cards sporting the slogan, “Don’t falter, vote Walter,” while Hill gave out small gum packs with the phrase, “‘CHEWS’ Olivia Hill for President!!!” attached to the pack.

The four candidates for Vice President had a more difficult race. Clarissa Haugen, Marley Pape, Amalia Strahl, and Grace Wethal, ‘25, went head-to-head in the election. Winning the popular vote was Amalia Strahl.

Strahl said, “I am very happy that my class decided to vote for me as VP. I want to see changes in this school, and I feel that I am the best candidate to make those changes.”

The freshmen competing for Treasurer were Sam Nelson and Julia Thielen, with Thielen winning the support of the freshmen.

Thielen stated, “I’m glad I was elected, and I’m excited to make positive changes in the school.”

Thielen gave out fake 100 dollar bills with her face on them as part of her campaign, playing on the ”Treasurer” role.

The final position in Student Senate, Secretary, was vied for by Addison Schultz and Lucy Ward. Schultz took the victory.

Schultz commented, “I’m so happy that I spoke in front of everyone and got my name out there.”

Schultz had an uphill battle because she was new to the system. On this, she said, “The biggest struggle for me running for Secretary was definitely being from another school. When I came to Wahlert, everybody knew each other and was super comfortable together. Getting my name out to the freshman class was hard.”

Schultz noted that this distance sparked her interest in Student Senate because it was a good way to get more involved at Wahlert.

To campaign, Schultz gave out mechanical pencils with an attached sticker reading, “Make the write choice! Vote Schultz.”.

With newly elected freshman officers, we are hoping to see many changes for the freshman class and the whole Wahlert community.