Students’ Spanish speaking skills succeed

Students' Spanish speaking skills succeed

By Sophie Skemp

of The Gleaner 


Being fluent in two languages sounds challenging, but how beneficial can it be to a six year old? The students of Our Lady of Guadalupe have been immersing themselves in English and Spanish education since 2001, and the opportunity has now become so much in demand that there is now a waiting list to enroll. 

Catherine Curtiss, ‘21, said it was not hard to learn Spanish right off the bat. 

  “I loved learning a second language in kindergarten because I didn’t know better, and it was all we really knew!” said Curtiss. 

All OLG high school students attended classes that were 80 percent Spanish in kindergarten, and as the grade levels went up, the amount of Spanish decreased. The students will then carry on Spanish throughout their K-12 learning. 

“I am still enrolled in the Advanced Spanish class, and I plan on sticking with it because it gives me a leg up in the future for colleges and job offers,” said Zach May, ‘22. 

OLG students say being bilingual is very beneficial, and they are satisfied with the program. It provides students with many advances and new opportunities during high school and college.

Jacquelyn Peckosh, ‘20, said the Spanish immersion program has allowed her to communicate with many people who only speak Spanish. 

“I have the ability to go into my mom’s dentistry practice and help translate to her patients when needed,” explained Peckosh. “I love knowing how much I can help others, simply by using my talents,” said Peckosh. 

Not only does being bilingual in primary school have many positive aspects to the education students are receiving now, but it also provides many advantages to these students in the future.