Gone but not forgotten

Faculty remember traditions that made Wahlert what it is today


HOW ABOUT THOSE SOCKS Former pep rally emcee, Mr. Bernie O’Connor, fires up the student body by revealing his blue and gold socks.

Wahlert has many traditions that help give a sense of comfort and belonging to students and faculty. Traditions can shape and bring joy to many, but what about the traditions that we don’t celebrate anymore? 

One tradition that is now gone is the leader of the pep rallies.

 “Bernie O’Connor led the pep rallies and got students psyched up; he would wear blue and yellow socks that he would pull up,” said Mr. Jim Kuhl, who has taken up the role of pep rally emcee. “When people ask me if I wear socks like Bernie, I always say those socks are too big for my shoes to fill.”

Ms. Barb Ressler remembers when she was a former student that the whole school was able to go to the basketball state tournament to support the team. 

“The principal would call the state tournament a field trip for the whole school. They would call all the buses in the area for the students,” said Ressler. 

Although  this tradition isn’t gone, Mr. Tyler Decker wishes there would be more added to Catholic Schools Week. 

“Catholic Schools Week used to be more involved. Throughout the week there would be games, competitions, a talent show, as well as out-of-uniform days. It was a fun week that broke up the year,” said Decker.

One of Ms. Marge Reidy’s favorite traditions happened around Christmas time. 

“I remember Fritz Ackerman [the lunch director] always being Santa Claus and singing ‘Chestnuts on an Open Fire’ or ‘Let There be Peace on Earth’ during the holidays. He and Sister Wilfred would dance for the students as well,” said Reidy. 

As former students and faculty reminisce about some of their favorite past Wahlert traditions, they also hope that some traditions continue at Wahlert. 

“I hope that the Eagle’s Nest never goes away. That is what many former students tend to remember, hanging with their friends and supporting the team,” said Decker. 

Ressler hopes to always celebrate the Mass of Remembrance.

 “I hope they always celebrate the mass here at Wahlert because it shows that we honor our students even when they are gone.”