Sho Cho’s unsung heroes

Nick Frommelt, ’19, Brian Cochran, ’19, Brie Valenti, ’19, Robin Liebold, ’19, Kevin Duggan, Maria Gourley, ’20, and Emily Barnes, ’21 have a pre-show party.

Impulse and Impact show choir teams celebrated great successes this season, such as taking the grand champion title and highly placing many other times. The performers did a great job of entertaining the crowd while on stage, but have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes?

In order for Impulse and Impact to have a successful season, they relied heavily on their crew. The crew consists of Emily Barnes, ‘21, Brian Cochran, ‘19, Maria Gourley, ‘20, Nick Frommelt, Robin Leibold and Brie Valenti, ‘19, who helped with costume changes, organization and setting up. They also offered encouragement.

“My favorite part was hyping everyone up before they go on stage,” said Robin Leibold. “Crewing may seem like a lot of work, but it was totally worth it and super fun.”

The little things that the crew took care of may seem trivial, but they truly helped the long day stay organized, especially for stressed directors.

“Crew members helped take care of a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff so that the rest of the day could flow smoothly,” said Mr. Aaron Behnke, the show choir program director. “Their hard work did not go unnoticed.”

The show choir crew went to a few practices this season but their biggest role was helping out at the competitions. All of the crew members downplayed the work they did, but it is clear that they were very helpful for both the directors and the performers.

“We really could not do it without them,” Cara Sullivan, ‘19, affirmed. “We loved having them around, especially at the competitions.”

Overall, show choir crew is a great way to support the arts, hang out with friends, and cheer Impulse and Impact on to victory. If you are interested in joining next year, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Aaron Behnke for more information.