Music, always changing

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You should pay more to music. It’s always changing. Every year there is something different than the year before. New bands, like Portugal. The Man,  are getting more popular as is with their hit song “Feel it Still.”

It’s always going to evolve and change whether  it be a good or bad change. Justin Bieber or One Direction are good examples of that

Other music bands, musicians just kind of fade away. Remember when LMFAO was famous for its “Party Rock” anthem? Foster The People with “Pumped up kicks”? Don’t forget Owl City and “Fireflies.”

There is  always going to be new and different music out there. You should be open to different types of songs and genres. There might be a song you like that you might have not considered.  Music helps us be creative and can help us relax. What’s your favorite song or genre?

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