Overwatch: Taking “Over” the FPS Genre


The first person shooter, or FPS, genre has been ever popular for a long time. Call of Duty has always been one of the most popular games within the genre, but Blizzard Entertainment’s game Overwatch has been growing in popularity since its release in 2016, and could potentially surpass Call of Duty in popularity.

Overwatch, like Call of Duty, is a FPS game and it was released on May 24, 2016. However, Overwatch has something unique that separates it from typical FPS games. Instead of playing as just one person, you have the ability to pick between multiple “heroes” that all have unique and different abilities specific to that character.

Currently there are 27 heroes available to play in game. Each hero has an ultimate ability that makes itself available when you do damage to charge the ultimate. Each hero’s ultimate has the potential to be game-changing, if used correctly.

Overwatch also has a range of different game modes. Quick play includes maps where the goal is to escort a payload from point a to point b, maps where you have to capture points, or maps where you have to control a point for a certain amount of time.

There is also an arcade mode, which includes 1v1, mystery heroes, and various other game modes.  There is also competitive, which is a bit more intense. In competitive, you can get ranked in either bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, or grandmaster after playing 10 placement matches.

One of the most recent contributors to Overwatch’s popularity is the Overwatch League, which began Jan. 10th. The Overwatch League is Overwatch’s version of an e-sport. Twelve teams play against each other to try and win each stage within each season. There are four stages per season, with cash prizes at the end of each stage. Fifty percent of the cash is split between between the team members, and the rest goes to the team’s owner. You can also buy team-themed skins for the heroes to support your favorite team.

Overwatch is one of the most fun games on the market today, and it does a good job of staying enjoyable and keeping its players hooked on the game with constant events, updates, and changes to the game. Each year the game has around three  to big events, which add new game modes. The updates also add new skins for the heroes, which you can get by opening loot boxes. The game also has constant changes to the heroes to keep everything balanced.

One of the nicer things about Overwatch is that it only costs $40, which is less than Call of Duty games, which usually cost $60. Overwatch has much more to do than Call of Duty, even though it costs less.

There is a lot of variety within Overwatch and each game you play is different from the last. There are many different ways to play the game. You can mess around and have fun with friends, or you can focus on winning and plan out a strategy with your team. Either way, there is something for everybody.