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February was a jam-packed month, with multiple things going on. From the Superbowl at the beginning of the month, to the Winter Olympic Games towards the end, something was always happening. To this end, The Gleaner asked two talented Wahlert artists to sit down, and draw just a few of the things going on.

First is Monica Ripley, ‘20, who drew a piece inspired by New York Fashion Week. Fashion Week was from February 6th, until the 16th of this month. As the name implies, different fashion designers from around the world were invited to participate, bringing their latest take on fashion to the show. Monica took the time to draw her on take on Fashion Week, designing her own clothing.

Becky Meissen, ‘18, was another artist that participated. She was tasked with drawing a Valentine’s Day-inspired drawing. Valentine’s Day is, of course, the annual celebration of love, where couples are given a chance to express their love for each other. It also serves a day of reflection for those participating in Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.).  For her drawing, Becky drew a heart, with a ribbon over it saying “Valentine,” and some flowers behind.

For artists like Becky and Monica, drawing is a way of expressing themselves. Both hail from similar roots. They both first started drawing at a young age, having a natural love for art. And both have their own way of going about it. Monica looks to things such as movies or books, adding her own original take on them. This is a sentiment echoed by Becky, who also uses paintings and the internet to influence her art. From there, Monica opts to sketch her drawings out, while Becky gets straight into it. Neither seems to color their art, with the exception of these pictures, preferring to leave them black and white.

Attached below are the videos of both students drawings.

Monica Ripley:

Becky Meissen:

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