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The student news site of Wahlert Catholic High School

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The student news site of Wahlert Catholic High School

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Wimpy Kid adaptation falls short

Logan Trifone, Reporter March 9, 2023

In 2010, 2011, and 2012 a trilogy of films came out based on a series of books by author Jeff Kinney. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a series many kids have read for English projects. The series started in 2007...

College stress will soon digress

Ash Carrick, Reporter February 15, 2023

With the end of the seniors’ school year coming closer, college is one of the many things on their minds. While most know where they are going, it wasn't always like this. Some seniors knew where they...

Forming friendships — and keeping them!

Ava Hoelscher, Editor December 22, 2021

Teens rarely hesitate to call someone their BFF. But do they really mean forever? Young friendships are often fleeting. Fortunately, these Wahlert friendships have stood the test of time.  Jenna...

Juniors hold high hopes for senior year

Claire Walker, Editor May 25, 2021

Senior year: something that students marvel during childhood, but are never fully prepared for. Senior year may be the end of high school, but it is just the beginning of the rest of life. College decisions...

Isaac Rima and Mr. Jim Kuhl discuss the last 4 years of school as senior year comes its end.

A warm and welcome good-bye

Hannah Busch, Reporter May 17, 2021

It feels like just yesterday that the senior class first entered the main gym with bright blue folders tucked under their arms or in their hands. It’s hard to believe that the past four years have passed...

Class of 2021s disastrous driving skills

Class of 2021’s disastrous driving skills

Tyler Dodds, Reporter May 17, 2021

  Whether at fault or not, car accidents involving high school students is a frequently heard of occurrence. For students at Wahlert, some accidents have occurred on major highways or even in their...

Seniors offer advice to underclassmen

Seniors offer advice to underclassmen

Sophia Wagner, Alix Oliver, Reporter May 17, 2021

As seniors, it has been a long four years of high school. Being the most experienced, many senior students have advice for some of the underclassmen.  Rita Greener,‘21, said, “Enjoy your time here...

Seniors misfortunes

Seniors’ misfortunes

Lola Grap, Senior Editor March 10, 2021

by Lola Grap of The Gleaner   With the pandemic and the changes it brings, most people have high hopes of returning to life “pre COVID-19.” Especially in the high school setting, teenagers’...

Left to right bottom row: Lily Roth, Clare Broderick, Aliyah Carter, Julia Norton, Grace Lueken. Middle row: Libby Perry, Molly McDonald, Rian Knapp, and Maggie McDermott. Top row: Rachel Eddy and Grace Burke.

Seniors share best memory

Makayla Schockemoehl, Reporter December 2, 2019

Although the season didn’t end the way the volleyball girls were hoping for, they all agree that they created and maintained an incredible bond with one another and made memories that will last a lifetime.  The...

Flight contestants pair up to win the game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Seniors taking Flight

Sophia Shubatt, Editor April 17, 2018

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Flight as a Wahlert tradition, and the junior Senate made sure that it was one to remember. Last  Tuesday night, 16 seniors took part in competition at Wahlert....

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