Seniors share best memory


Left to right bottom row: Lily Roth, Clare Broderick, Aliyah Carter, Julia Norton, Grace Lueken. Middle row: Libby Perry, Molly McDonald, Rian Knapp, and Maggie McDermott. Top row: Rachel Eddy and Grace Burke.

Although the season didn’t end the way the volleyball girls were hoping for, they all agree that they created and maintained an incredible bond with one another and made memories that will last a lifetime. 

The season was influential for everyone including players, coaches, the Nest, parents and the entire Wahlert Community, but especially for the seniors. The 11 seniors of the 2019 volleyball team include Rian Knapp, Grace Lueken, Aliyah Carter, Clare Broderick, Lily Roth, Molly McDonald, Julia Norton, Grace Burke, Rachel Eddy, Maggie McDermott and Libby Perry, ‘20. 

Each senior shared her favorite memory from playing volleyball as a Golden Eagle at Wahlert: 

  • “My favorite memory from this season was the team building practice that we had when we played games and did fun activities together.” – Roth 
  • “The best memory I have from this season was our car ride down to Chicago, and that whole weekend was a lot of fun.” – McDonald 
  • “My favorite memory of the season was huddles with Chris.” – Knapp  
  • “Some of my favorite memories from the last two seasons are the car rides with my teammates and winning state last year.” – Perry 
  • “My favorite memory from this season was when we all thought we were gonna do sprints or have a hard practice, but then we had a team bonding practice instead. We played games and we wrote things that we love about each other on canvasses and it brought us all so much closer.” – Eddy 
  • “My favorite memory is winning state. The feeling that you have accomplished your goal with your teammates that have pushed you all season long is like no other. Also the atmosphere was really cool and an experience you will never forget!” – McDermott 
  • “My favorite memories would be last year when we won state because after we got home, we all went to Rian’s cabin and there were pictures of us everywhere. There we watched the championship game, and it was just one big awesome moment.” – Carter 
  • “All the memories I have with the team are great, but my favorite is definitely winning state last year. I also loved Julia’s pep talks before games, and Rachel’s pump up music before matches.” – Lueken
  • “The best thing about Wahlert volleyball would have to be freshman year when we played at Bettendorf. It was the third set and the score went into the 30’s and we ended up winning!” – Broderick 
  • “My favorite memory from volleyball is last year, experiencing post-season with my team. We were nervous but beyond excited and it was the best feeling ever.” – Burke 
  • “My favorite memories are the car rides down to state and talking to Grace Lueken before every game.” – Norton