Student Grants Garden


by Zoey May

of The Gleaner


While most teens spend their summers hanging out with friends and going on vacation, Hannah McDermott, ‘20, spent her days building a rosary garden for Saint Mary’s Elementary School. 

In an effort to acquire the prestigious Stars and Stripes award from the American Heritage Girls Program, McDermott revisited her old elementary school to take on the long-awaited project. 

“The principal of the school has wanted one there for a while because it’s St. Mary’s school, so I decided it would be a great opportunity for me,” she said. 

Though not unheard of, many are unaware of what a rosary garden even is. 

“It’s basically a cement pathway with painted beads so you can walk and pray the rosary,” McDermott explains. “In the center, there’s going to be flowers and benches and a Mary statue.”

And, thanks to generous volunteers and good luck, there haven’t been any major hiccups in the way of development, although the rosary garden has not been without issue. One of the requirements of the Stars and Stripes award is that the potential recipient must head the project without outside interference.

“It’s been pretty stressful at times,” McDermott said. “However, overall, it’s been a good experience.” 

The rosary garden will be open by the end of September 2019 behind St. Mary’s School.