Haugen soars with final Eagle Scout project


Cam Haugen, ‘19, decided to use his Eagle Scout Service Project to improve the front view of Wahlert and remind students and faculty why the building stands in the first place.

The Eagle Scout Service Project is a tradition done by all scouts who reach the highest rank of The Boy Scouts of America. The goal is to give something back to a place or community that molded the scout into the successful adult he has become.

“I really just wanted to improve everyone’s day, starting every morning when they drive past or into school,” said Haugen. “I really felt like giving back to Wahlert as a sort of thanks for the things they have done for me.”

The stone cross didn’t just happen, however, since a part of the project itself is getting approval from the location. “The administration, Mr. Meyers in particular, really helped me and allowed me to be able to fulfill my project,” continued Haugen.

Part of the process of building the cross was getting proper measurements and getting the proper construction crew. “I had to find the right company, and that was really one of the challenges, as I ended up going with Edwards Cast Stone Company .” said Haugen.

The cross was not Haugen’s only option. “I was originally going to build a soccer field up at Resurrection,” Cam said. “With the rain and everything, though, it fell through, and Wahlert was able to provide me with a great opportunity.”

The Boy Scout Service Project is unique to other opportunities, as it maintains the importance that the student selects the location and project. “I couldn’t really offer advice on what someone should do for their project,” Haugen continued. ”The beauty of it is that it is your choice.”

While many young children join the Boy Scouts of America every year, it is common for them to quit the organization before they reach the rank of Eagle Scout and are given the opportunity to do a project. Haugen has stuck with it because, “I feel like it is similar to anything else in that I was lucky to find a great group of friends that made it really enjoyable for me throughout the years.”

While Haugen will continue to do great things for the Boy Scouts, the stone cross he chose to gift to Wahlert will remain a symbol of his resilience and the gratitude he has towards the Boy Scouts and Wahlert for forging him into the young adult he is today.