What a show choir season looks like: Wahlert Impact edition

Overall, this year’s show choir season was great. To be honest I was kind of worried about the new freshmen coming in because I didn’t know about all the talent, but it turned out that I didn’t have to be nervous because all the freshman, including the sophomores and juniors that make up Impact, are so talented and prove to be important leaders for the group. Even from the very beginning of our season we became close friends with one another, and I think that’s definitely one of the reasons we did so well this year. Another way that really helped us bond as a team was creating a poster. During the start of the season we made a banner with all of our goals for the upcoming competition year, and everybody wrote something they wanted to accomplish on it along with their name. We brought it to each competition, and by reviewing it each Saturday it helped make us stronger and fight to do well. 

I loved this season because everyone worked well together, didn’t argue about anything, and helped each other grow in their skills. When someone didn’t agree on something we talked about it and found a solution, and through our hardships we grew stronger as a team. No, we didn’t win more than one competition, but at the end of the day everyone agrees that it’s the friends you make and the memories you share that are even better than a first place trophy. I’m genuinely so grateful for this season, and I believe that everyone else is too. Both of the groups worked so hard to get their show to what it would look like now, and I can say for everybody that 2020’s show choir season was a great one. 

Placements for Wahlert Impact/Impulse 2020 Season 

Davenport North The Big Dance – January 31, 2020 Sixth in prep division Fourth at finals
Bettendorf Rhythm on the Riverbend – February 8, 2020 First in prep division, sixth at finals First at finals
Waconia Star Power – February 15, 2020 Seventh in prep division Third at finals
Western Dubuque The Main Event – February 29, 2020 Fourth in prep division Second at finals
Cedar Rapids Jefferson Show Choir Invitational – March 7, 2020 Third in prep division Fourth at finals


For more information about the show choir events, feel free to look at the Wahlert Catholic Arts page or visit showchoir.com.