8th graders jumping into their high school careers


Pictured above: Bryce Rudiger, Seamus Crahan, Nora King, Lydia Foy, and Tatum Manternach, ’23.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?
“I see myself being more mature and participating in lots of activities a year from now. I think I’ll
meet lots of new people and learn a lot more,” said Bryce Rudiger, ‘23.

What are you most excited for in high school?
“I am excited for sports and being a part of the sports community. Getting to go on the buses for
away games and sitting in the ‘Eagles Nest’ sounds like they’re fun high school experiences,”
Seamus Crahan, ‘23, said.

What are you scared of and what are you looking forward to when going into high
“There are a lot of classes with new people that I’m not going to know, so I am a little scared for
that. But I am looking forward to block scheduling and having classes every other day,” said
Nora King, ‘23.

What do you plan to participate in throughout high school?
“I am excited for more extracurricular activities and being more a part of the school. I plan to do
cheer, show choir, tennis, cross country, and hopefully student government,” said Lydia Foy,

Is there anything that you are not looking forward to in high school?
“My sister told me that seniors hate freshmen, so I’m not looking forward to being the new
people in the school,” said Tatum Manternach, ‘23.