Dope or broke?


Recently, Apple’s newest product has swept the nation. AirPods are wireless earbuds that connect to your iPhone, being able to play music anywhere. However, these luxury earbuds are priced at $160, more than likely putting a dent in the buyer’s wallet.

Still according to Will Poppe, ‘22, the product is well worth the money invested. “They are nice for when I am at school and stay in when I am outside practicing basketball,” he said.

Logan Teslow, ‘21, agreed, saying “I think they are worth purchasing because they are super convenient and easy to use.”,

AirPods have many advantages that the original Apple earbuds do not. Because AirPods are wireless, they are portable, making it easy to move around with them and to do physical activity. Along with that, their polished look and clean cut design makes them easier to fall in love with.

Kimberly Graff, ‘22, believes that the tiny airpod manages to have an even better bass and audio than the original Apple earbud.

“The bass and audio are great, but still gentle on the ears and not too loud,” Graff stated.

Despite all of the success the AirPods have experienced, there are also disadvantages. AirPods, like the iPhone, have to be charged to work. The product also doesn’t have a wire, and are instead stored and charged within a small case, sometimes making them easy to lose.

Apple included dual speakers, which were said to be a advancement, but Ryan Hearn, ‘22, disagrees. “They have dual speakers inside to be louder, but you can’t really have them at full volume because the audio in the earbud leaks out,” Hearn said. “They also cost way too much for the price you pay for them.”

Yet Jacob Schockemoehl, ‘20, says, AirPods are “the new wave.” While the product has its flaws, an estimated 16 million have already been sold this year alone. Apple plans to keep making improvements on the product, coming out with different colors, better audio, and battery power in the near future.