Revival of childhood memories

As the 2010s come to an end, students at Wahlert remember their childhood with nostalgic toys, accessories, and games.


Anna Slaght, ‘21

  • I specifically remember playing “Let’s Go Fishin’” with my brother and sister. Every time I see one, I think back to 2010, and I just get nostalgic.

Taylor Weig, ‘22

  • In first grade I remember seeing Silly Bandz shaped into different Disney Princesses. I thought it was so cool, but my mom wouldn’t buy me any so I convinced some people to give me a few if they had a lot. Then I traded with people so I got so many more from there. Some of them are still in my bedroom today.

Ava Gebhart, ‘21

  • I remember in my childhood that every sleepover wasn’t complete without Pillow Pets. All of my friends would have them, and they would all be different types of animals, and we would compare each others. Now I keep mine in my closet.

Will Haugen, ‘21

  • For me, I always watched Disney movies on VHS tapes so now seeing Disney+ instantly makes me remember my childhood of always watching VHS tapes with my family.

Ben Vaassen, ‘21

  • When I was younger, I always played the Wii with my family and friends. Now, whenever I see one, I get flooded with memories of Mario Kart and Wii Sports.

Brock Moroney, ‘21

  • In elementary school, I would always play Super Mario Bros on the Wii with all of my friends after school.

Rachel Eddy, ‘20

  • I remember how in gym class we would sometimes use those scooters, but I didn’t like them that much since they always pulled my hair through the wheels.