What’s on your summer bucket list?

Summer is right around the corner and everyone has some things they want to achieve this summer. For some people, it can be jumping off a bridge and for others, it’s to ride a camel. Here are some of the student’s top priorities these next few months.

Go on a penny date, jump off a bridge, take my turtle on a walk – Ellie Timmerman, ’20

Sleep in swimming pool, pancakes at 2 am – Ana Chandlee, ‘21

Drive-in movie- Sophia Rupert, ‘19

Jet skiing on the Mississippi- Addie Beaves, ‘22

Concerts, go to all the ice cream places in Dubuque, Madison and Dubuque farmers market, Mississippi valley fair, cardboard box race- Joe Kann, ‘19

Devils lake with friends – Anna Jensen, ‘20

Tubing down the river, get really tan, go kayaking, – Rachel Eddy, ‘20

Ride a camel- Isaac Walsh, ‘19

Get a job, throw a big fourth of July party – Jayden Steuer, ‘22

Go camping, get a boyfriend – Madi Gille, ‘22