Science team competes at Science Quiz Bowl

Science Quiz Bowl team members practice answering a variety of scientific questions before heading off to compete.

What is the one constant in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

Answer: Speed of Light

What is the principle that states that a particle’s position and velocity can never be known precisely at the same time?

Answer: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Does ebola cause hemorrhaging?

Answer: Yes

The Wahlert Science Quiz Bowl team set out to answer these questions and many more at the Science Quiz Bowl Jan 28. The team consisted of Jacob Berning, Caroline White, and Nick Moran, ‘17, and Jayne Munshower and Annie Hermann, ‘18. Berning was chosen as team captain by Mr. Tom Stierman, who coached the team.

To prepare, team members met during four seminars to answer practice questions. At the quiz bowl, the team won two rounds, lost two rounds, and got eliminated on a close tie- breaker round.

“It was a really fun experience to compete against other teams and find out how much you know,” Berning said. “Getting eliminated was disappointing, but I think we did better than expected.”

“It was more enjoyable than you would think it would be,” Hermann said. “I realized that I know more than I thought.”

With a strict time limit on each question, the team also resorted to strategic guessing.

“Guessing works very well until the elimination round,” Moran said.

“There was a lot of guessing involved,” Berning agreed, “but ultimately it felt pretty good.

Although they did not advance, the team members still felt like they learned something about science and had a pretty good time while they did it.